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About Our School

Vision Statement

The faculty and supporting staff along with the parents, guardians, and surrounding community dedicate themselves to teaching students to demonstrate a mastery of the California Standards and Schurr High School's Expected Schoolwide Learning Results. We offer and encourage students to participate in a variety of sports, clubs, and after school programs that foster critical thinking and problems solving skills. Schurr High School challenges and inspires students to be productive, contributing citizens within our democratic society and the world community.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a high quality California standards-based education with a schoolwide focus on the implementation of our Expected Schoolwide Learning Results in the classroom. We reinforce our vision with a highly qualified faculty, powerful teaching strategies, staff development, high expectations, educational research and the support of the district and governing board.

School Profile

Schurr High School is one of twenty-eight schools in the Montebello Unified School District of Los Angeles County.  The District has sixteen elementary schools, one K-8 school, six intermediate schools, three comprehensive high schools, and two alternative high schools.  The District is located approximately eleven miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles in the western San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County.  The District serves approximately 29,062 students in the cities of Bell Gardens, Commerce, Los Angeles, Montebello, Monterey Park, Pico Rivera, and South San Gabriel.  The District also serves adult students at four sites in the community.

Schurr High School is located on the northern border of the city of Montebello and is one of four comprehensive high schools in the Montebello Unified School District (MUSD). In addition to the comprehensive high schools, MUSD has one continuation high school, four adult schools, one contract independent study center that governs seven satellite campuses, four Infant/Toddler day care centers, and two Pregnant Minor programs that provide services addressing the diverse needs of the secondary school students in the district. There are also six intermediate schools and eighteen elementary schools in the district. Schurr High School’s feeder schools are Macy Intermediate in Monterey Park and Eastmont Intermediate in East Los Angeles. Attendance boundaries for Schurr include portions of Montebello, Monterey Park, South San Gabriel, Rosemead, unincorporated East Los Angeles, and the City of Commerce.

Montebello and the surrounding communities are heterogeneous and culturally diverse. The data obtained from California Department of Education website for the 2016-2017 academic year reported a total of 2,803 students with two ethnic groups making up the large majority of the population. The largest is Hispanic with 2,517 students (89.8%), Asian with 199 students (7.1%). The student body of Schurr High School reflects the cultural diversity of the community it serves.  Two ethnic groups currently make up 96.9% of the school’s population. Of the 648 June 2017 graduates, 32% went to four-year colleges, 44% went to two-year colleges or proprietary schools, 25% went to the military, work or undecided.  34% of the seniors completed UC/CSU "A-G" requirements.

Student Learning Outcomes

Our Student Learning Outcomes reflect the Montebello Unified School District’s graduate profile and include:  Communicators, Critial Thinkers, Collaborators, and Creators.


  • Convey information and ideas to others integrating oral, written, listening and research skills.
  • Develop effective presentation and communication skills
  • Appropriate use of language to express oneself, ask questions and communicate new ideas to each other. 

Critical Thinkers

  • Comprehend, analyze and interpret information effectively.
  • Apply problem-solving and decision-making strategies to curriculum and real life situations.


  • Taking initiative to work with others.
  • Use effective leadership and group skills to accomplish significant goals and overcome obstacles.
  • Contribute and function in various group roles accepting individual and group responsibility.


  • Develop original ideas and solutions in response to questions or circumstances.
  • take initiative to seek innovative solutions to address local and global issues.