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Joining school clubs and organizations is an excellent way to inspire school spirit, and make the Schurr High School experience a great one.  Additionally colleges and universities appreciate students who participate in extracurricular activities when students apply to college. Remember you can start a club too!

SHS Clubs




Arduino Club (Engineering) Mr. Schultheis D-13          Thursdays at 3pm
Astronomy Club Ms. Martinez-Smith      B2B Fridays during lunch
AVID Club Ms. Hansen C-102 TBA
B.A.S.I.C. (Brothers and Sisters in Christ) Ms. Moreira C-217 Thursdays during lunch
California Scholarship Federation Mr. Kim C-202 TBA
Class of 2017 Ms. Favela C-203 TBA
Do Something Club Ms. Arrezola C-313 Tuesdays during lunch
Food Club Mr. Pulice C-200 Wednesdays during lunch
Friends Around the World Ms. Luu X-8 Fridays during lunch
Gentleman's Association Mr. Villanueva X-8 Thursdays during lunch
GSA - Diversity Club Ms. Cunningham C-214 Wednesdays during lunch
Girl's League Ms. Monreal A-6 Fridays during lunch
Green Earth Club Ms. Islas C-301 Mondays during lunch
Human Anatomy Club Ms. Islas C-301 Thursdays during nutrition
Hispanic Awareness Club Mr. Sigala A-16 Wednesdays during lunch
Key club Ms. Kang C-312 Wednesdays during lunch
Leo Ms. Parrino A-19 Tuesdays during lunch
National Honor Society Ms. Langevin A-8 TBA
Orbitz Anime Club Ms. Bringard C-210 Fridays after-school till 4pm
Photo Club Ms. Mnatsakanyan C-208 1st and last Wednesdays at lunch
Physics Club Mr. Savin C-310 TBA
Prom Committee Ms. Hansen C-102 TBA
Pi Club Ms. Luu X-8 Thursdays during lunch
Red Cross club Mr. Moreno B-11 Tuesdays during lunch
Renaissance: Freshmen Mr. Seto C-206 Wednesdays during lunch
Renaissance: 10th- 12th Mr. Seto C-207 Thursdays during lunch
Spartan Book Club Mr. Avila C-207 TBA
Spartans of the Plume Ms. Harbison A-4 Mondays after-school till 4pm
STEM (Science Technology Engineering Club)   Mr. Moreno B-11 Fridays during lunch
Youth Community Service  Ms. Cortez D-11 TBA